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            Focus on the First Digital China Construction Summit: Fuzhou Exploration of E-Government

            Column:News Dynamics Time:2021-08-19
            On April 19, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a forum on cyber security and informatization and delivered an important speech. In the past two years, the informatization development strategy, the national big data strategy....

            On April 19, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a forum on cyber security and informatization and delivered an important speech. In the past two years, the informatization development strategy, the national big data strategy, and the "Internet +" action plan have been frequently deployed. The quality and coverage of mobile network services have continued to improve, and e-government work has entered the fast lane. Statistics show that there are currently nearly 32,000 government websites running across the country, and new government media has become a new channel for communicating social conditions and public opinion.

            As the country's only national "Internet + government service" comprehensive pilot city and a special pilot city for government service coordination, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province continues to promote the construction of e-government, continuously reforms and innovates service measures, and initially establishes the "one number, one window, one network" government service The system allows the service items to be "as much as possible, online throughout the whole process", allowing residents and enterprises to "do not run a trip, but at most one trip", and the efficiency of government affairs and service levels have been significantly improved.

            Innovative service to benefit the enterprise and the people

            Recently, the citizen Mr. Chen came to the self-service declaration area of the Fuzhou Administrative (Citizens) Service Center and applied for a safety production permit for the company through the "Online Service Hall". Since the company’s electronic license is already stored in the system, and other certification materials can be submitted online through electronic signatures, Mr. Chen’s license was issued in less than half an hour. Such a convenient and fast service benefits from Fuzhou's first implementation of the full-process electronic license application for administrative examination and approval in the country.

            In Fuzhou, with the increase of self-service equipment introduced in government services, 24-hour convenience self-service terminals in the community have also been promoted throughout the city. More and more people and enterprises are getting benefits, and the government's administrative examination and approval are also accelerating and increasing efficiency.

            At the beginning of this year, the Fuzhou Administrative (Citizens) Service Center has made new measures in practicing the spirit of "do it right away and work hard." "The fastest is a few minutes, and the slowest is no more than 5 hours." According to the person in charge of the Administrative Committee of the Fuzhou Administrative (Citizens) Service Center, the service center now has 319 public service items in the service center. 70.73% of the total number of items, of which 302 items are realized in minutes. At the same time, Fuzhou has also built an "integrated" online government service platform for the city to realize the "five connections" of network, data, system, business, and service. 95.3% of city-level government service items achieved "at most one trip", and the satisfaction rate of the masses reached 99.99%.

            Government website full service

            The government portal website in the construction of e-government is the general window through which the government provides electronic services to the society. Taking the needs of the masses as the starting point, Fuzhou has continuously improved the service level of the municipal government portal website.

            According to the relevant person in charge of the Fuzhou Digital Office, the Fuzhou Municipal Government’s portal page was revised twice in 2017, integrating the resources of county (city) district and municipal department websites, shutting down 111 department websites throughout the year, and completing 12 counties (city) districts. The government website was moved to the municipal government portal website to realize intensive and one-stop service. As long as the masses log on to the government portal website, they can enter all government departments and obtain service-oriented guidelines and various services. As of the end of 2017, the platform had docked 43 commissions, bureaus, and bureaus with 820 work items and 1.0284 million registered users.

            Fuzhou is also actively using new media to broaden government information release and service channels. A few days ago, the eFuzhou APP was officially released and will be tested at the first Digital China Construction Summit. The eFuzhou APP integrates all government services, public services, convenience services, and third-party commercial services in Fuzhou to realize that one APP can enjoy all the services of the city. It is as convenient for the people to find the government as "online shopping". "In the future, citizens will no longer need to bring library cards, medical cards and other functional cards when they go out. Open the APP and they can take bus, subway, taxi, borrow books online, or make appointments, etc.," said Chen Xiangqun, head of e-Fuzhou APP construction.

            Fully improve the development potential

            This year, Fuzhou will focus on promoting the standardization, precision, convenience, platformization and coordination of government services, and further promote the "Internet + government services", so that more people and enterprises can enjoy better and more convenient services.

            The core of "Internet + government services" is to provide government services of "one number, one window and one network", that is, to realize the "one number" application for the masses to handle affairs, avoiding repeated submission of service materials, certificates, certificates, etc.; government service matters "one window" "Acceptable, can be done nearby, in the same city, and can be done in different places; multi-channel service "one network", which greatly improves the convenience of government services.

            From having to go to different departments to fill in different forms, to running a work hall to fill in a large stack of materials, and now to collect documents at home without leaving the house, the rapid development of Fuzhou e-government has continued to bring surprises and convenience to the masses and enterprises.

            It is understood that this year Fuzhou City will complete the "Internet + government service" pilot construction, and generally implement the "one number, one window, one network" service, and comprehensively form a service service system supported by unified window acceptance, online full-process processing, and electronic license database.

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